In The Beginning...God commissioned humanity to cultivate the garden. As God began this world building endeavor through his image bearers, humanity's work began to increase and expand. From agriculture, to metallurgy, to city building, and beyond. 

At a not-so-distant point in history, the issue of vocation was easy and options were few. But that reality fundamentally changed less than one hundred years ago with the advent of what we call "Knowledge Work." As the mainstream of the workplace began to shift from manual labor to labor driven by specialized knowledge and skill sets, the possibilities and options for work exploded. And with this explosion of options began a great experiment of which we are still in the early stages of: creating a system or process to get individuals from adolescence to adulthood, from childhood to a specialized workplace.

By a look from the outside, one might think we are doing pretty well. But as those who specialize in workplace engagement will attest, most are living a life in which they dread going to work on a daily basis (67% according to Gallup's 2017 poll). While colleges and universities tout high "placement" statistics, you will never hear their career offices sight statistics on how engaged their graduates are at their place of employment...and frankly, even if these institutions did seek this data, I dare say that it would never be publicly published! 

We Need Your Help

We are working presently on a program to help Christian college students leverage their unique design in their studies, service, and future vocational endeavors. Through a co-educational cohort-based system, we hope to realign the experience of college so that not only do students find direction, but we intend to help them grasp a thick understanding of vocation, the way job acquisition actually works...and of course have a job in place by the time they graduate! If you are a Christian in the work world who would love to make a difference in the next generation of Christian workers, we would love your help, support, and prayers. Or, if you simply want to learn more about what we are doing, we would love to hear from you.