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In a world inherently full of media… Facebook, Twitter, CNN, Fox News, etc., why does the world need another source of information? It doesn’t; that is unless it fundamentally addresses an element of individuals’ lives that needs attention. I don’t claim to be a peddler of anything new. In fact, in birthing Creative Calling my hope was to connect people to something very old, something that originates from the very beginning.

In the beginning, we were created with a special place in all creation, created uniquely and in the “image of God.” As God’s special creation, our design implies purpose, molded by the very hands of God and given the task to represent the King himself to the world, to manifest God’s presence and purposes to all creation. And God placed them in the garden to work it and keep, to draw out the latent potential in creation just waiting to find expression. And it was good… it was very good.

And then the plot thickened; sin entered the world. Succumbing to temptation, humanity fell and all subsequent humans were born into a world frustrated by disfunction and unable to enter into the presence of God, distant from his impact and his longing to impress upon them who he is. Stubbornly, God refused to abandon them, leaving his finger prints upon all creation, displaying his invisible attributes and dispensing his common grace to all. In particular, he left every person a clue, a signpost leading back to him… the Potter’s fingerprint on each unique human being, their giftedness. So loving and kind, even from eternity past, in dreaming up and rendering each individual, he took an attribute of himself, something he does in an infinite way and he designed that unique person to do that very same thing in a finite way. And the mystery of it all is that when we use our giftedness we feel God’s pleasure. Like a piano string brought into tune with the tuning fork, we resonate with God as he takes pleasure in seeing his creatures live out their design.

Enter Jesus, the long expected one, the one who will save his people from their sin and draw them back into the very presence of their God. The Law pointed to him, drawing his sacrifice back into the past, covering their sin and allowing them to feel God’s presence, albeit from behind the curtain. The Prophets pointed to him, heralding, “The King is coming, the King is coming… return to your God and soften your hearts in repentance to recognize him.” He showed us God’s presence and prerogatives in life, and paid the infinite price of forgiveness in death. And then he rose from the dead, having been put on trial by God himself. Vindication was the cry, righteous was the verdict.

Recommissioning the twelve, he sent them out with a new message: “What God had revealed in the past is no longer sufficient. I’m the new standard. I’m the one it all pointed to. Faithfulness to God means, “Cling to me, partake in my righteous verdict, and enter through the torn veil into the very presence of God. Feel his impact, be changed, and go, make disciples, and equip them too for ministry, for in using their giftedness in which my Spirit now empowers, they will feed my sheep and draw the nations to me, their rightful King.””

And so here we sit, nearly two millennia later… with the same commission, the same Spirit that empowers, and the same world ripe for harvest, longing to be shown God. And yet, the Church, the Body of Christ, God’s collective image bearer often finds itself in the place of the third servant of Luke 19, sitting on top of its gifts rather than leveraging them for the King’s business.

Creative Calling and its blog exists to empower God’s people to unleash their God-given design, to move a people connected to God in Christ to reflect God to the world for Christ.

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