Christian EdVentures

Team Building That is Different

We have all participated in some form of team building exercise at some point in our lives. For some, this conjures up the memory of sitting in a lecture while some "expert" tells you how to be a better team. For others this might have been at a camp in which the facilitator instructed you in falling backwards into your teammates' arms. Needless to say, not everyone's experience with "team building" has been a good one, whether you felt it was corny, boring, or just hate it when others tell you what to do.

Well, our philosophy is a little different. We believe that the best teams are formed when they rub shoulders, engaging the whole person... but we also believe that connection happens best in the context of fun. When teams have fun together they tend to share more with each other, whether information, trust, or encouragement. This in turn improves each new experience, which has the potential to solidify, challenge, and grow the team's group dynamic. Through this cycle of learning (which often doesn't even feel like learning) teams can begin to leverage each member's strengths, increasing not only engagement but also performance.

Christian EdVentures: The Integration of Faith and Team Building

You might be wondering, “What is a Christian EdVenture Program?” With years of combined experience within the field of adventure education, our specialists understand that learning connected to experience creates transformation. As professionals who believe Christ is the integration point of all learning within a truly Christian education, our specialists integrate Christian faith principles into each experientially based program, utilizing an empowerment model to help youth groups, church staffs, Christian schools, etc. to wrestle with what being a disciple of Jesus Christ looks like not just in theory but in real life application.

So what is involved in a Christian EdVenture Program? As with other adventure based programing, customized activities are chosen in line with group-based outcomes. The group then participates in an experience of the activities and then enters into a time of active reflection called processing. Sounds simple, right? When properly facilitated, these sequences of experiences have the potential to be life transforming as individuals enter their “play space” and act out of their normal postures, letting down their guard (and sometimes facade) and allowing your group to both celebrate each other in action and quite often face head-on root causes for dysfunction. As the saying goes, “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

Specializing in Christian faith integration, programs can be custom themed to meet the needs of your students, staff, or volunteers, helping them grow through a process of transformation and even embrace God’s plan for how he has equipped them to serve the body and be a light for Christ into the world. As of now, our current program emphases include options of: 1) Servant Leadership; 2) Giftedness, Service, and Vocation; 3) Fellowship and Relationships; 4) Unity through Diversity; 5) Missions, Evangelism, and Salvation; 6) Recreation and Purposeful Play.

How May We Serve You?

If your youth, staff, or volunteers need an experience to draw them together within the context of faith, we would love to serve your team. Working primarily in North and East Texas, we travel to your location or to a venue near you. If you have any questions, please feel free to email

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General Pricing

While our prices depend on your location (a fee may apply if you are over two hours away from the DFW metroplex), most programs are priced as follows:

2 Hour Program: $550

3 Hour Program: $700

4+ Hour Program: $100 per additional hour

Additional fees may apply to larger groups over 75.

If you have questions or would like to book a program, contact us!