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According to Gallup, just 33% of American employees are engaged with their work...and only 15% worldwide. Meanwhile 51% are looking for a new job or watching for openings. Do you find yourself in these statistics and just feel stuck? Even worse, if you are out of work, it can be one of the most depression and anxiety prone times of your life.

Our Belief

We believe that at the heart of this workplace epidemic is not that most are lazy, have a poor work ethic, or don't care, but that many of these engagement issues are caused by the issue of job fit. Simply put, when an individual is doing work that they do not have the core strengths and the natural motivation to do, the outcome will naturally be disengagement...and eventually, burnout. The answer then lies in discovering what your God-given giftedness is and pursuing work that aligns with it. Sounds simple right?

The Problem

Let's take the almost universal classroom experience of a teacher finishing their lecture and then asking "Does anyone have a question?" You think in your mind, "Well yes...but I don't know what to ask." If you've ever been there then you know exactly how most people feel in trying to find work that's a good fit for them. You know that you have questions, but you don't know what question to ask. That's where we come in.

Powered by SIMA®

What is SIMA®?

At The Giftedness Center in Dallas, we use a proprietary, qualitative process call SIMA® (The System for Identifying Motivated Abilities®). Through this process we conduct an in-depth interview to collect data, which then is used to build an individual's Motivated Abilities Pattern (MAP®). Using this tool we then work with the individual to show what abilities, roles, circumstances, etc. that the individual keeps coming back to over and over again in exercising what we call their giftedness. For over 25 years The Giftedness Center has been using this process to change lives by helping individuals pursue meaningful work.

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What Sets SIMA® Apart?

You might be thinking, how is this different than DISC, MBTI, StrengthsFinder, or Strong Interest Inventory? While there are several key differences, two words capture the biggest difference: REAL-LIFE EXPERIENCE. Utilizing an individual's actual experiences in which they enjoyed what they were doing and did well, SIMA® seeks to qualitatively describe you in your consistent and irrepressible pattern of behavior rather than quantitatively compare you with the rest of society. As a result, we get a high definition picture of you, rather than a generalization that is true about you... but is also true about a portion of any population.

SIMA® is concerned with your uniqueness and to this day, no two MAPs® have been discovered to be exactly alike.

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